linux-beta kernel....

Auke Kok sofar at
Sun Oct 10 17:51:44 UTC 2004

Hendrik Visage wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 12:55:45PM +0200, nestu wrote:
>>Hendrik Visage wrote:
>>>Hi there,
>>Hello, Hendrick ;)
>>>Could you guys *please* add in the linux-beta/linux-vanilla-beta?
>>Could you please read, and then do a lvu DETAILS 
>>linux-beta? To sum up a little (paste from cvs commits):
>>2004/08/15 09:42:53	Version bump: 2.6.8 -> 2,6,8.1. gcc 
>>3.3.3, glibc 2.3.2, headers Quick 1 fix release, 
>>from Changelog: Fix NFS client screw-up in fcntl f_op removal.
>>2004/09/30 20:11:05	Version bump: 2.6.9rc2 -> 2.6.9rc3. gcc 
>>3.3.3, glibc 2.3.2, headers
> No.
> <quote>
> The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is:
> <quote>
> The other 2.6.9-rc kernels appears to all break NVIDIA kernel modules
> (at least for me) as they appear to not have a __VMALLOC_RESERVED (afair)
> that the NVIDIA kernel module complains about. 
> Compiled 2.6.8 it works but then my NFS breaks horribly, thus I'm custom compiled a that works

so you want the -beta kernel *downgraded* ? Why don't you downgrade it 
yourself and put it on hold?

Please... remember we still call it *beta* because of this type of 
problem (did someone completely screw up ATA-cd-writing recently?) If 
you have a problem with the beta kernel switch back to a 2.4 kernel or 
roll your own and tell your experiences, but please don't barge in here 
requesting that we jump up for you... You *could* have told us that the 
2.6.9rc3 doesn't work for you !


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