openoffice src news, now 3x faster comiles

Steven Michalske hardkrash at
Sun Oct 10 15:23:39 UTC 2004

hey guys i just compiled oo-src in 85 minutes, used to be 311 minutes.

uniproc ccache 2100+  that's all
and 85 minutes flat

yes your asking how did i cheat, well its simple, i didn't make all 23 
different localizations! I only did ENUS,  later today I will be posting a 
patch set and an updated oo-src module based off of nhudson's

It will allow selection for dictionaries and for selection for localization.

the patch set currently has a modified splash screen just for lunar,  i hacked 
it together quickly.  (ARTsy people HELP, I do photos not graphics 
design :-P )

patches to come,  improved ms-office import of functions and greek letters, as 
an engineering student i know that's important especially with all the 
formulas on powerpoints i get.

more???  who knows  but this module got a whole lot better

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