lnet bug fix - module parameters - explained

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Tue Oct 5 08:32:27 UTC 2004

Everyone with problems passing optional parameters with lnet please read.

A small bugfix has just been put in moonbase >> 20041005.09. in order to 
have lnet automatically pass extra module options to modprobe you need to:

1) lin moonbase 20041005.09 or newer
2) lin net-tools
3) make sure /etc/init.d/network is overwritten with the new version

you can make sure the latter is achieved by *deleting* 
/etc/init.d/network before you 'lin net-tools'. This will guarantee that 
you receive the newer version. On some machines /etc/init.d/network 
might not be tracked by lunar (especially older ISO's have this 
problem). This goes for any init.d script actually.


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