Disk Space and Partitions

Erick emtaft at cox-internet.com
Sun Nov 28 16:59:50 UTC 2004


I have installed lunar onto a 5 GB Partition as a test (I am looking to
replace SuSE as my distro of choice).  My drives are set up (with
approximate usage) as:

/dev/hda1 NTFS (Win XP Root) 35 GB
/dev/hda2 Reiser (Lunar Root) 5 GB
/dev/hdb1 FAT32 (Files) 20 GB
/dev/hdb5 FAT32 (Files) 28 GB
/dev/hdb6 ext3 (/home) 16 GB
/dev/hdb7 Reiser (SuSE Root) 15 GB
/dev/hdb8 Swap 1 GB

I also have a CD ROM drive, DVD Reader/CD Burner drive, a floppy drive,
and an Iomega Zip Parallel Port Drive.

I built the NTFS (read only), FAT 32, IMM, and automount modules into my
kernel (2.4)

My questions are:

1) When I added my FAT 32 and NTFS drives to Fstab they are not being
mounted on boot.  Does lunar use /dev/discs/discX/partX rather than
/dev/hdaX in the Fstab?

2) Do zip drives still need to be manually mounted? (eg, mnt /dev/sda4

3) /var is using 42% of my lunar root partition (failed installs?).  Is
there a command that can be used to clean up /var/spool?


Erick <emtaft at cox-internet.com>

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