udev and sound device

Benoit Valiron bvali087 at uottawa.ca
Tue Nov 23 17:16:05 UTC 2004

> lmodules looks nice, but how do you change the status? all it seems to
> do is let me load modules..... :(

I agree, it looks nice. However, after playing a little bit with, I
noticeed a few things :
  1) it loads modules, but doesn't change the "-" sign in a "+" sign,
     and sometimes doesn;t load anything when prerssing "enter".
  2) it doesn't seems to be able to unload modules.
  3) it doesn't always ask for saving changes, and I didn't find a
     rational approach to this behavior.
  4) finally, the changes, if saved, are printed into
     /etc/modules.test, and nothing can happen at boot-time.

But, this suggested me a solution, which work perfectly for my box: to
load the modules snd-pcm-oss and snd-mixer-oss at boot-time, just
write them in /etc/modules. Indeed, this file is parsed by
/etc/init.d/modutils at boot-time.  My /etc/modules looks like:


and it's working as expected at boot-time.

-- ben

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