some depedencies that are missing -- API change !

Auke Kok sofar at
Wed Nov 10 13:11:02 UTC 2004


Please run a `lin lunar` to get the latest core tools. If this fails you 
can do this manually the following way:

cd /tmp
tar xjf lunar.tar.bz2
cd lunar

After that you you can continue with `lin lunar` and work as usual.


Edd Budulea wrote:

>maybe my moonbase crashed here is a weirder one:
># lin mozilla
>mod_v =  mod= mozilla
>/var/lib/lunar/moonbase/web/mozilla/CONFIGURE: line 1:
>mquery: command not found
>/var/lib/lunar/moonbase/web/mozilla/CONFIGURE: line 2:
>mquery: command not found
>/var/lib/lunar/moonbase/web/mozilla/CONFIGURE: line 3:
>mquery: command not found
>/var/lib/lunar/moonbase/web/mozilla/CONFIGURE: line 4:
>mquery: command not found
>/var/lib/lunar/moonbase/web/mozilla/CONFIGURE: line 5:
>mquery: command not found
>/var/lib/lunar/moonbase/web/mozilla/CONFIGURE: line 6:
>mquery: command not found
>/var/lib/lunar/moonbase/web/mozilla/CONFIGURE: line 7:
>mquery: command not found
>cat /var/lib/lunar/moonbase/web/mozilla/CONFIGURE
>mquery COM "Include mozilla Composer (gui html
>editing)?" y
>mquery IRC "Include Chatzilla (mozilla irc client)?" y
>mquery MATHML "Include MathML support?" y
>mquery ACC "Include Accesiblity support?" y
>mquery JSD "Include JavaScript debugging support?" y
>mquery INS "Include mozilla Inspector (html code
>inspector) support?" y
>mquery HELP "Include mozilla Help support?" y
>also I get a message when I update the moonbase:
>Removed modules:
>/var/lib/lunar/functions/main.lunar: line 60: ((:
>lunar is not installed < 20041110 : syntax error in
>expression (error token is "is not installed <
>20041110 ")
>Starting update of installed modules
>The following modules will be updated:
>maybe that is why the lin have not catch the dependence

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