some depedencies that are missing

Auke Kok sofar at
Wed Nov 10 08:02:26 UTC 2004

Edd Budulea wrote:

>I've been rebuilding my linux box and in the process
>of installing just the min for my needs i've discover
>that there are missing dependecies (the dependency is
>not in the moonbase but it is in the configure script
>of the package)
>only three for now:
>glib-2 depends on pkgconfig
>gtk2+ depends on pango
>cairo depends on libpixman

auke at joule21 ~/pkg/SunOS $ lvu stree glib-2
glib-2: pkgconfig [gtk-doc]

auke at joule21 ~/pkg/SunOS $ lvu stree gtk+-2
gtk+-2: xservers-profile tiff pango jpeg atk

auke at joule21 ~/pkg/SunOS $ lvu stree cairo
cairo: libpixman freetype2

I have *no* clue what you are talking about... try looking in the 
DEPENDS files of eacht module


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