64bit Gbe NIC voor 2.4 kernel

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Tue May 18 21:46:45 GMT 2004

Remco Lubbers wrote:
> Hi All,
> I need a 64bit PCI Gbe NIC for a server running Lunar. I was considering the
> 3Com Gigabit Server NIC (3C996B-T), but according to a few mailinglists (a.o.
> linux-kernel) the hardware is buggy and the driver "is probably the worst
> driver code we have seen in the Linux community for the last 5 years", so I'm
> looking for an alternative in the same pricerange.

with the exception of 64bit platforms (still 100% 32bit) I run about 50 
e1000 (intel GBE NICs) at work with extreme pleasure! Definately worth a 


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