Auke Kok sofar at
Mon May 17 22:16:25 GMT 2004

Carl R. Powers wrote:
> Thanks, Auke,
> I don't know what's going on.  I tried the lget on ImageMagick today after
> a new lunar update and this worked.  Now I've got the same problem with
> libglade2.  Doing another lunar update, moonbase was downloaded about
> 2 hours ago, libglade DETAILS file was entered on the 14th and updated
> today.  Lunar update and a separate lget both get nothing except a 10k
> text file.  Guess I'll just keep trying.  Than ks again.

Could have been the new website giving you a weird 404 page... I 
replaced the 404 doc for our repository with the default one which 
results in a proper error message that wget detects. In case the main 
site doesn't have the cache now you shouldn't get the 10k file. if you 
would open the downloaded 10k file you'd see it's prolly our website 
http 404 version ;^)

anyway that should be history now.


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