Call for testing of the kernel patchsets for 2.4.26

Niki Guldbrand niki at
Tue May 11 14:36:15 GMT 2004

Hi All.

Sorry for the delay of doing this work, but i have been occupied IRL for
a little time ;-)
But it's time to get this patchset tested so it may be released.

        You can test it by fetching the 2.4.26 kernel sources from extract it in /usr/src
        Then fetch the patchset from
        and go to /usr/src/linux-2.4.26 and extract it there, then you
        get a set of extra directorys and a file called: main, fix,
        aggressive, grsecurity.
        Applying the patchset is done as follows:
        First apply the patches in main in the Hexadecimal numbered
        order, then apply the patch(es) in the fix dir, and now you have
        a plain Lunar Linux kernel patched, and you can choose to stop
        applying further patches now.
        If you want to have the aggressive patched kernel then you have
        to apply the patch(es) in the aggressive dir in the numbered
        order on top of the plain patched kernel.
        If you want to have the GRSecurity patch added to the kernel,
        then apply the patch(es) in the grsecurity dir in the numbered
        You can't choose both aggressive and grsecurity for the same
        kernel, because the patches is overlapping, and you would get a
        lot of rejects.

Further Information:
        If you would like further information about the patches in the
        patchset, then you can read the patch-list.txt file for more
        information on what the set contains.

I hope this is enough info to get the patchset tested, else look at the
linux and linux-grsec kernel modules, as you can see there how the
patches gets applied, or write to the mail list if that isn't enough

Thank you for you help

Niki Guldbrand

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