ati's fglrx module changes

Auke Kok sofar at
Thu May 6 15:33:43 GMT 2004

Hi people!

I have updated the ati-radeon kernel driver and X driver module to the 
latest version. This version (3.7.6) will hopefully resolve some 
problems people reported having with the kernel/x11 driver.

I took the occasion to rename the module and the kernel module to 
'fglrx'. for a while this has been popping up as the standard name for 
this module, and many documents refer to the kernel module as 'modprobe 
fglrx'. The old 'ati' lunar module is deleted, so you should remove it 
and install the fglrx module in that order, as usual.

I hope soon to test the fglrx module against XOrg's X11. perhaps people 
have done also already and would like to comment on that?


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