New Thunderbird module for 0.6 named 'thunderbird'

Moritz Heiber moe at
Mon May 3 18:58:48 GMT 2004

Hello Lunar users,

as some of you might have noticed already, Thunderbird 0.6 has just been 
released. I'm taking this milestone for releasing a reworked module into 
the moonbase (mainly because the Thunderbird developers finally decided 
to be a bit less stupid and a little more standard consistent).
 From now on Lunar's main Thunderbird module will be called 
'thunderbird' instead of the old (now unsupported) 'MozillaThunderbird'. 
The binary once was called 'MozillaThunderbird' hence the naming scheme 
for the module. But as for firefox it has been changed during the last 
release cycles and therefore isn't of any use from now on.
All users are encouraged to switch to this new module. Only 
'thunderbird' will be recieving updates in the future. 
MozillaThunderbird is just kept incase somebody wants to have the old 
0.5 milestone around (as it is with 'MozillaFirebird').



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