gdm- configured theme missing

Nick Hudson nhudson at
Tue Oct 21 21:56:45 GMT 2003

I cant get this to come up.. When I install gdm it comes up to the
default "Circles" theme if I cange it then recompile gdm it goes back to
the default.  Let me know if it happens again 


On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 14:32, Carl R. Powers wrote:
> Upgraded to gdm- yesterday.  Default gdm.conf
> points to a graphical theme of "emo-blue" which isn't
> included or installed.  Changed it to point to "circles"
> theme and all is fine.  This upgrade continues to play
> well with the upgraded gnome-session and -desktop
> modules - no more session startup problems.
> Carl
> <powers at>
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