need help with openoffice-bin setup

Steven Allen lunar at
Sat Oct 18 13:28:56 GMT 2003


I am having trouble running the workstation setup after installing
openoffice-bin. As a normal user I am going to
/opt/lunar/openoffice/program and running ./setup. I am then presented
with the setup window however all of the buttons show as oulines only
with no text. No text is being displayed anywhere inside the window.
After pressing what I guess is the correct button to continue I get
windows which appear to be for displaying information and/or licences
but all I can see is a white background.
Does anybody have any ideas?

For information (I doubt this has anything to do with my current
problem) I could only lin openoffice-bin by modifying the BUILD script
to export DISPLAY=:0.0 and doing xhost +local: in another eterm.


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