problems with gaim 0.71

Chad Kittel vertigo at
Wed Oct 15 21:44:35 GMT 2003

if you hang out in #gaim you will get A LOT of answers answered.  they 
are 24/7 answering questions about it.  there are actually 2 solutions 
one ins mozilla-nss (recommended) and the alternative is gnutils.  I got 
mine to work with mozilla-nss.

Niki Guldbrand wrote:
> Hi There.
> I have just tried to install gnutls, but I can't get it to build because
> it doesnt seem to like the libs it depends on...
> Well I have added libgpg-error to moonbase, which the new ligcrypt
> needs, and gnutls needs this new libgcrypt, but gnutls chokes on some
> openpgp.c file, and there for i have been looking into opencdk which
> should be some kind of replacement for openpgp, but it won't compile
> either, so currently we (I) are stuck.
> If anyone else would like to play around with gnutls and opencdk, then 
> the modules is attached.
> Niki
> On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 00:13, Yoav Avitzour wrote:
>>Actually, there is a fix - from the gaim FAQ:
>>Q. I just upgraded Gaim and the MSN plugin will not load. Why? 
>>A. You did not compile with SSL support. As of protocol version 9, the
>>MSN protocol requires the use of SSL, which gaim provides by either
>>GnuTls or the combination of NSS and NSPR from the Mozilla project.
>>Install one or both of these and recompile Gaim.
>>The BUILD file for gaim contains --enable-nss=no, and 
>>--enable-gnutls=yes. However, it turns out that the configure cannot
>>find gnutls libraries. Which module supplies them ? 
>>btw - compilation with --enable-nss=yes breaks. 
>>in the mean time, gaim 0.70 works fine.
>>On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 17:32, Moritz Heiber wrote:
>>>On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 17:19:22 -0400
>>>Yoav Avitzour <avitzour at Princeton.EDU> wrote:
>>>>Not this time ;). This is not a problem with connecting to the msn
>>>>server, it's a problem WITHIN gaim, which is that gaim is unable to
>>>>load the plugin library. It appears before gaim even tries to connect
>>>>to the server.
>>>Yeah, this is a known problem. The "fix" is to just delete the libmsn*
>>>files from /usr/lib/gaim/ so gaim doesn't load them anymore during it's
>>>startup. Since I seriously doubt that it would be working correctly at
>>>this time anyways its not quite a big loss.
>>>(If its still working you might need to consider reverting to 0.70)
>>>If you depend on your MSN contacts and/or need IM with MSN support you
>>>will have to find anything else that is endorsed by MS. I recommened
>>>using another protocol.
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