problems with gaim 0.71

Yoav Avitzour avitzour at Princeton.EDU
Tue Oct 14 18:13:01 GMT 2003

Actually, there is a fix - from the gaim FAQ:

Q. I just upgraded Gaim and the MSN plugin will not load. Why? 
A. You did not compile with SSL support. As of protocol version 9, the
MSN protocol requires the use of SSL, which gaim provides by either
GnuTls or the combination of NSS and NSPR from the Mozilla project.
Install one or both of these and recompile Gaim.

The BUILD file for gaim contains --enable-nss=no, and 
--enable-gnutls=yes. However, it turns out that the configure cannot
find gnutls libraries. Which module supplies them ? 

btw - compilation with --enable-nss=yes breaks. 

in the mean time, gaim 0.70 works fine.


On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 17:32, Moritz Heiber wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 17:19:22 -0400
> Yoav Avitzour <avitzour at Princeton.EDU> wrote:
> > Not this time ;). This is not a problem with connecting to the msn
> > server, it's a problem WITHIN gaim, which is that gaim is unable to
> > load the plugin library. It appears before gaim even tries to connect
> > to the server.
> Yeah, this is a known problem. The "fix" is to just delete the libmsn*
> files from /usr/lib/gaim/ so gaim doesn't load them anymore during it's
> startup. Since I seriously doubt that it would be working correctly at
> this time anyways its not quite a big loss.
> (If its still working you might need to consider reverting to 0.70)
> If you depend on your MSN contacts and/or need IM with MSN support you
> will have to find anything else that is endorsed by MS. I recommened
> using another protocol.
> Bye,
> Moritz

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