Theedge users: updated kernel modules for test

elaine at elaine at
Tue Oct 7 10:35:55 GMT 2003

Lastnight I hacked the new kernel.lunar script which moves functions
into core which have traditionally been part of the module scripts.

I've simplified (dumbed down) the backup routine (backup_mods_krnl())
which now makes a fixed number of kernel backups (2) and module
backups (1). The lilo and grub utilities have been simplified (from
code that goes all the way back to Kyle). They need a complete
rewrite but that's going to have to wait.

I think we can safely cut this code over to lunar core, however these
modules will break when we put them into moonbase if the machine isn't
running an up to date core.

So I would like people to test this. It only wroks with theedge
dated post 2003/10/07 05:24:28; GMT.

If you can do a test safely, Please update theedge (and grab linux-stable, 
linux-vanilla at )
To test, remove the stock modules from moonbase and untar the test versions.

We especially need someone running grub to do a test build. I don't use
grub anywhere so I couldn't check that code. I *think* it's clean but ....

The moonbase modules should continue to work as before (whether you're 
using 'lunar' or 'theedge' because they provide their own versions of
the new functions.

Things left for phase 2: build better lilo / grub utilities.

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