-ac kernel patches on next .ISO??

Drew Swayze drew at lunar-linux.org
Sun Oct 5 21:20:48 GMT 2003

Hendrik & Co.

Way ahead of you my friend!  I've started an -ac module and it's available


Just toss it in the good ol' zlocal and away you go.  Only one bug, it
won't update your lilo or grub.  You'll have to do that manually.


On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Hendrik Visage wrote:

> Hi there,
>  Quite a couple of the new notebooks have network etc. adapters that need
> drivers that only in the -ac kernel patches.
>  Hereby I kindly request that the next ISO have -ac kernel+patches on? I'll
> do the module if it'll get included in the current -beta ISO
> Hendrk
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