BitTorrent and printing

Auke Kok auke.kok at
Sun Mar 30 18:43:43 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 04:15, Ray Maung wrote:
> As you might guess, the two are unrelated.  Here's the
> first: the current BitTorrent in the moonbase is old,
> and installs using '' instead of the usual
> 'configure/make.'  The second is a complete n00b
> question - how can I get printing to work (w/out KDE)?

hi ray,

printing requires a spool daemon (cups or lprng) and a rasterizer

make sure you enable paralell printer support in the kernel if your
printer is on a parallel port.


Auke Kok <auke.kok at>

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