gnome2 and bluefish

Sébastien Cérèze scereze at
Thu Mar 27 18:24:16 GMT 2003

Hi all,

i just installed two new lunar system and i noticed
the same 2 little problems, so i let u know.

1. gnome2
When i built gnome2 the install stopped twice at the
same moment.

Orbit2 failed to compile. 
ldconfig fix this; no idea if it's the best thing to
do :-)).

Second when building gnome-media. The install failed
because it was not finding Gconftool2.

export PATH=/opt/lunar/gnome/2/bin$PATH fix this

2. bluefish

Bluefish is not working because it's looking for
libpcre. Installing pcre fix this.
Maybe u might want to add it as a dependancy.

that's all


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