Networking init

Florin Braescu braescu_f at
Mon Mar 24 20:50:59 GMT 2003

--- Rick Altherr <kc8apf at> wrote:
> I just commited a new networking init script to the
> moonbase.  It won't be in 
> use unless you copy it from the net-tools module to
> /etc/init.d/.  The only 
> changes are better handling of the default gateway
> and formatting the output 
> to fit with the other scripts (it now uses the OK,
> FAIL system).
> If you use static IPs and switch to the new script,
> you will need the new 
> lnet, also part of the net-tools module.  You will
> need to run lnet and 
> choose the option to setup your gateway.

Hi Rick,

It seems to be an error in the lnet. It writes nothing
in the /etc/config.d/gateway file. The network script
does not set my default gateway anymore. I will
rollback to the old network script on my system until
the new one works.


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