preparing alsa 0.9.2 upgrade

Florin Braescu braescu_f at
Sun Mar 23 11:24:36 GMT 2003

--- Hendrik Visage <hvisage at> wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 06:57:10PM +0100, Niki
> Guldbrand wrote:
> > Same here.
> Beware thought, there are certain complaints about
> the new alsa-driver
> and alsaplayer where alsadriver is playing the music
> too fast.

Well, i haven't encountered till now such problems. I
don't use alsaplayer either so it may be true.
However, i can see that other distributions use this
version so i can assume that it may not produce more
problems than the previous versions. I will commit the
upgrade. Thank you all.


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