Qt3 3.1.2 beta tester needed

Florin Braescu braescu_f at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 21:42:41 GMT 2003

--- Ralph Crongeyer <rcrongeyer at rpicc.com> wrote:
> I'll try it. It will be on a Toshiba laptop 5105.
> Specs are:
> P4 1.8Ghz
> 512 Meg DDR Ram
> I may need some help though......

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for the offer. Here is what you can do for

  - in kde3 directory of the moonbase bump the
versions in the DETAILS file in that way:
           arts  -> 1.1.1
           kde*3 -> 3.1.1
           qt3   -> 3.1.2

  - then build the new modules:
         lin qt3
         lin arts
         lin kdelibs3
         lin kdebase3
         lin kdenetwork3
         lin kdebindings3
         lin kdeutils3
         lin kdeaddons3
         lin kdeadmin3
         lin kdeartwork3
         lin kdeedu3
         lin kdegames3
         lin kdegraphics3
         lin kdemultimedia3
         lin kdepim3
         lin kdetoys3
         lin kdesdk3
  - use the new KDE installed and see if it is working

You can find me also at florin at lunar-linux.org, or by
IRC (I use KSirc) at irc.freenode.net, channel #lunar,
nick florin.

Best regards,

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