On failed compiles with errno problems and glibc-2.3.2

tpchan at attbi.com tpchan at attbi.com
Wed Mar 19 03:14:06 GMT 2003

Please see the glibc faq at http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/FAQ.html, question
3.1, item discussing "errno" problems.

Basically tcp_wrappers, portmap, and jfsutils, all will suffer from this problem
because of bad assumptions about using errno in their code.  All 3 of those
software packages need to be fixed by their devs to properly use "#include
<errno.h>" and to NOT declare errno as an "extern int".

One distro (found by google) had patches for the above 3 modules that basically
did just that, included errno.h where needed and commented out declaring "extern
int errno".

I don't have time for that and I don't believe this is a Lunar distro problem. 
Get the lazy authors of tcp_wrappers, portmap and jfsutils to fix their own code!

Terry Chan

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