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rcrongeyer at rpicc.com rcrongeyer at rpicc.com
Sat Mar 8 09:47:55 GMT 2003

Hi all,
Yesterday I did an update and one of the modules was lilo. After it
installed I ran /sbin/lilo -v as I usualy do, and went on with my day of
 work (without rebooting). This morning I fired up my laptop and was
greeted with 01 01 01 01 wraped over the first 1/4 of my screen
(corruped MBR). I tried lrm -d lilo 22.4.1 and it says lilo is a
"sustained" module but then says Rolled back lilo to version 22.4.1.
then I lin lilo and it says Reserecting lilo 22.4.1 but when it is
finished I run /sbin/lilo -V and it is still at version 22.5.
So,  how do you roll back to an old version of a "sustained" module??

Also when lilo runs it says it can't determin what type of video card is
 in the current system? I don't know if the 22.4.1 version had the same
message or not?

How do I fix this??


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