xfree86-4.3 upgrade issues........

rcrongeyer at rpicc.com rcrongeyer at rpicc.com
Wed Mar 5 05:53:13 GMT 2003

Hi all,
I upgraded xfree86 yesterday and most everything works fine. Butt........
my login window is streached off the screen in either direction, looks
like about a quarter mile on each side, just joking but it is realy huge.
I tried to change the font size in the "Control Panel" under "Login
Manager" (as root) but that does not do anything?  Also when inside KDE,
my shell has no fonts? A font issue??
Any one have any ideas?


PS: I'm going to try to rebuild QT and kdelibs to day. Maybe they need to
be built against the new version of xfree.

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