Xfree86 4.3.0 in Moonbase

HornGábor Horn.Gabor at aktiv.co.hu
Tue Mar 4 12:19:49 GMT 2003


Great, thx for all :) I'd like to try it out, just i have a problem w/
lunar update/renew. As i use mozilla-gtk2, last time when i wanted to
update my system it wanted to install mozilla (i think there are some
modules which depends on it, and they didn't recognized mozilla-gtk2 is
installed instead of it), so i stopped update. Is this thing solved? Or
waht should i do? Remove moz-gtk2, do the renew then reinstall it? How
do you manage this thing ? :)

thx, hirisov

2003-03-04, k keltezéssel Nick Hudson ezt írta:
> Greetings,
> 	Just to let everyone know that Xfree 4.3.0 is now in moonbase. If there
> is any problems with compiling modules with X 4.3.0 please let me know
> either in the bugtraq or in email.  Also I have removed the Xft Xrender
> and fontconfig modules from moonbase.  These 3 modules will be removed
> when you update Xfree86.  Why were these modules removed?  Because they
> are no longer needed because they are distributed with X 4.3.0.  
> I would suggest to everyone PLEASE read over your host.def file and make
> sure you are doing everything correctly.  If you wish to compile this in
> a existing X server .. then I am not responsible when things dont work. 
> please go to a vc (alt+ctrl+f1) and make sure your X server is killed
> before installing.  If you have a Video card that uses DRI/DRM drivers
>  you must make sure that BuildXF86DRI and BuildXF86DRM are checked
> before compiling.  These are TURNED OFF by default. I hope everyone
> enjoys.
> Thanks goes out to all the people who helped test this, Niki, csm,
> sofar, tchan and others I cant remember.  thanks for the hard work and
> patience with me and others trying to put this together.  

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