Serveraid on linux-vanilla warning

Hendrik Visage hvisage at
Mon Jun 16 22:13:05 GMT 2003

Hi Zio,

 Point your browser at, go search for the ServeRAID 
CDs (You'll be happy to know they are lately based on Linux ;^)
and upgrade the firmware via the CDs to the latest 6.xy.z version :)

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 09:41:45PM +0200, ziociano at wrote:
> I have renew kernel with last (2.4.21) and after reboot look this in the
> Jun 16 15:54:14 kernel: Bios = 5.11.05, Firmware = 5.11.05, Device Driver = 6.00.26

> Linux kerenl 2.4.20:
> Jun 11 16:30:31 kernel: scsi0 : IBM PCI ServeRAID 5.10.21

The device driver is that which is part of Linux kernel, and it appears that
2.4.21 got upgraded to version 6.xy.z of the device driver :)

Thanx for the warning, as I'll have to be on the lookout for my IBM servers 
too :)


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