Bug in build for avifile

Gerrit Germis gerrit.germis at pi.be
Sun Jun 15 14:02:24 GMT 2003

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Hi Tchan,

First off, I agree with you that avifile is only depending on qt2, not qt3 in
order to work correctly. However, I can also imagine some users that don't
want both qt2 and qt3 on their systems, and want avifile compile against qt3.
I thought this would be a good thread to point out the usefulness/need for an
"override" directory in the moonbase.

On Sunday 15 June 2003 03:20, Terry Chan wrote:
> The module is qt-x11 which compiles and installs qt2 to /opt/lunar/qt/2.
> The docs for avifile say it needs qt-2.0 or newer.  The docs do not say
> that it requires qt3.
> qt3 is not fully backwards compatible with qt2.  If avifile is working for
> you and is compiled against qt3 on your Lunar box then good for you.

This would be a good example of having a "0local" directory.. I changed the
dependencies for avifile to qt3 (which compiled fine btw),  but everytime I
lin moonbase, it gets "reset" to qt-x11 (which is quite annoying).

Now I could create another name for avifile in zlocal, but that would break
optional dependencies on e.g. gst-plugins, DirectFB, MPlayer-skins and

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