X + ati Rage + K6-2 + gcc3 troubles

Hendrik Visage hvisage at envisage.co.za
Sun Jun 8 14:56:24 GMT 2003

Hi there,

 I'm having trouble with the above config. If I stay with a 
2.4.19 kernel, together with a X and glibc (all compiled with 2.95.3)
I have no troubles. The moment I start an 2.4.20 (even tested with a
new lunar 1.3.1 + updates + clean 2.4.19) compiled with 3.2.x,  the
problems start.

 The problems I'm experiencing, is no (or more problematic,
only some keyboard access in X, ie. xdm doesn't work, but X + xawtv does
send keypresses to xawtv, but not xterm). Even mouse (both USB and
ps2) is problematic.

Anybody have experienced anything similar??


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