openssl updated to 0.9.7b - important notes

Auke Kok auke.kok at
Sun Jun 8 12:24:00 GMT 2003

Just check 'lvu updatelog' for the list.

I've noticed that the compiles just break because wget needs to be
compiled first... I've just updated moonbase so it explicitly does
recompile wget before anything else.


On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 08:02, Wuss912 wrote:
> This update takes forever!!!
> (you forgot to mention that kde is one of the things that recompile)
> Btw how do I get a list of what recompiled fine / failed so I can make sure
> that they compiled fine?
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> Subject: openssl updated to 0.9.7b - important notes
> Hi all!
> I've just bumped openssl to 0.9.7b and there's a slight catch (as usual).
> * it removes the header file copies from gcc-lib to ensure that the old
> includes don't tangle new compiles up
> * it recompiles openssh as usual
> * then it recompiles all apps that link again PLEASE ENSURE that
> your apps compile okay (especially vital stuff like wget, which link against
> openssl).
> I've repeated the exercise myself 3 times on different machines and as long
> as you check on it it's not a big problem.
> good luck!
> sofar
Auke Kok <auke.kok at>

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