DistCC and compiler wrappers

Couannette couannette at free.fr
Wed Jun 4 15:42:33 GMT 2003


I've setup distcc and selected DistCC in Lunar menu.
I've setup a masquerading directoy for distcc as explained on they site 
: http://distcc.samba.org/manual/html/distcc-2.html

# mkdir /usr/lib/distcc/bin
# cd /usr/lib/distcc/bin
# ln -s ../../../bin/distcc gcc
# ln -s ../../../bin/distcc cc
# ln -s ../../../bin/distcc g++
# ln -s ../../../bin/distcc c++

Following Hendrik analysis 
(http://lunar-linux.org/pipermail/lunar/2003-March/000776.html) I've 
found that with a masquerading dir distcc handles properly cc/gcc and 
even libtool.

# export PATH="/usr/lib/distcc/bin:$PATH"
# cd /usr/src/somemodule
# make -j4

That produces a good behaviour : distcc is spawning jobs on all hosts 
that I've setup in DISTCC_HOSTS (in /etc/profile : because I didn't know 
how to put this elsewhere).

Now the problem is : how to make Lunar wrappers correctly call distcc in 
its masq dir. Because I traced env in /var/lib/lunar/compilers/gcc and 
for example in :

# lin -c a52dev

I have NO output from this script (gcc wrapper).... It's never called ? 
What's behind ? The test for wrappers in lin :
use_wrappers() {
  if [ "$GCCWRAPPERS" == "on" ] ; then
    export PATH=/var/lib/lunar/compilers:${PATH}

What's going on ? I've forgotten something ?

Please help. There is little to modify and it would allow large compile 
farm ;)


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