Bugs found during reinstall

Gerrit Germis gerrit.germis at pi.be
Wed Jan 29 22:23:56 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 29 January 2003 20:11, Chuck Mead wrote:

> TAJ>    - /etc/issue contains: "Kernel \r on an \m"
> The macros sometimes fail to work (dunno why) but that is what it is
> supposed to contain. this would translate to:
> Kernel $version on an $archtype

lo all,

I've just been doing some diggin on this, and this is what I found: it's 
perfectly normal behaviour... :)

on startup /etc/inittab spawns an agetty, which reads /etc/issue, and expands 
the escape codes... (as explained in the man page)

however, after you enter the username in agetty, control is passed to 
/bin/login (which checks the login/password) until a valid username is 
entered (in other words /bin/login just sits in a loop until a valid username 
is entered, or a timeout occurred).. If a valid username is entered, you get 
your shell, if it times out, /bin/login exits, which causes agetty to be 
respawned from /etc/inittab, and the escapes will be handled correctly 
again... :)

if you really wanted to fix it, you could just have /bin/login call exit(0) in 
/bin/login instead of have it call it's own version of login_prompt (in 
libmisc/loginprompt.c) in src/login.c, in which case it would respawn an 
agetty and read /etc/issue correctly again...



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