lunar rebuild failing on minicom

Todd A. Jacobs nospam at
Tue Jan 28 17:16:06 GMT 2003

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Chuck Mead wrote:

> This file did *NOT* come from lunar 1.2. You have installed from an old
> ISO! I am sending a copy of mine back to you so you can compare them.

root at dev ~ # cat /etc/lunar.release 
Lunar Linux 1.2 (Pico)

I'm not arguing with you, just letting you know that I am positive I 
burned the right image, and that everything I could tell before running 
"lunar update" indicated it was Pico. 

Given the state of things, though, I'll just go ahead and re-fetch the 
ISO, and try a complete re-install. If the same thing happens again, 
though, you can owe me a beer the next time we meet. ;)

"Of course I'm in shape! Round's a shape, isn't it?"

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