vnc module not requiring X

Victor Pelt peltco at
Sun Jan 26 17:05:10 GMT 2003

my understanding?
x, glibc, linux (kernel) and windows managers are all left out

but maybe one of the lunar developers could further explain this

On Sun, 2003-01-26 at 16:51, Richard Watson wrote:
> Victor Pelt <peltco at> writes:
> > i think it was decided that X was an "obvious" dependency and therefore
> > wouldn't be listen as dependency for modules
> > 
> > the same applies for windowsmanagers etc
> Surely a dependency is a dependency? What measurement of obviousness
> is used to decide what should and shouldn't be listed? What is gained
> by not listing it?
> And in any case there are vnc clients that do not require X, so it
> doesn't even seem obvious to me that one would necessarily require
> it. 
Victor Pelt <peltco at>

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