Mispelling in sysklogd module

Todd A. Jacobs nospam at codegnome.org
Sun Jan 26 12:26:18 GMT 2003

Heh. Well, between the new ISO and the new(ish) system I was able to load
it on, this is the first time I've been able to do a successful
installation. I *still* had a boat-load of trouble with the boot loader,
but using the ISO as a boot disk allowed me to futz with LILO until it
worked properly.

If I can get UML or VMware working properly on this box, I plan to do some
development work. Right off the bat, I want to fix portsentry; it doesn't 
create a boot script or register with chkconfig.

By the way, where is all the documentation for lunar these days? I could 
only find a few sparse FAQs and the online man pages, but no how-tos. Were 
they moved?

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