flash problem

George Mochrie geo at drasil.no-ip.org
Thu Jan 16 01:36:42 GMT 2003

On Thursday 16 January 2003 1:18 am, Milosz Tanski wrote:
> Acctualy mozilla in lunar at this moment is compiled with old ABI
> wrappers for flash and a couple other older plugins so he should be good
> if he uses mozilla, on the other he is scewed with Konqueror since it
> dosn't provide such a thing as far as i aware.

I prefer konq due to it's integration to KDE and a few other things. Both moz 
and konq had the problem, but:

cd /usr/lib && \
ln -s libstdc++.so.5.0.1 libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 && \

fixes the problem (tnx Chris).

George Mochrie
aka Drasil
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