ksysv problem

George Mochrie geo at drasil.no-ip.org
Tue Jan 14 05:07:39 GMT 2003


I've been setting up kde and mostly it's going well (aa fonts, kdm playing 
nice with pam etc..) but I can't seem to get ksysv to start in root mode. I 
have tried logging in to kde as root and running ksysv via kdesu. When I run:

kdesu -t ksysv

I get the following output on konsole:

 before forking
SysV-Init Editor 1.3.8 Developer Version Copyright © 1997-2000 Peter Putzer.
All rights reserved. Released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

DCOPServer up and running.

Open: Unable to Parse address none
Session management error: Could not open network socket

_IceTransOpen: Unable to Parse address none

Anyone got any ideas?

George Mochrie
aka Drasil
Jabber ID: drasil at jabber.org

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