Moonscape - Another variation

Ralph Crongeyer rcrongeyer at
Fri Aug 29 09:54:15 GMT 2003

OK, This will fix our hilighting issue... and the timer position.

 Copy this new graphic to /boot

 Paste this bellow the "bitmap = /boot/lunar-composite3.bmp" line in

 bmp-table = 13,6;1,25,16,4
 bmp-colors = 15,,;9,,0
 bmp-timer = 65,27;9,0,

 run /sbin/lilo -v


 Here are the Instructions for people to folollow:
 1. As root open /etc/lilo.conf and comment out:

 2. Copy and paste this into /etc/lilo.conf bellow the above (commented out)

 bitmap = /boot/lunar-composite3.bmp
 bmp-table = 13,6;1,25,16,4
 bmp-colors = 15,,;9,,0
 bmp-timer = 65,27;9,0,

 3. Copy the attached graphic into /boot .

 4. Run (as root) /sbin/lilo -v

 5. Reboot.

On Thursday 28 August 2003 08:01 pm, Erik Søe Sørensen wrote:
> Hi all.
> Here's the latest moonscape boot picture (after all, the call was for a
> 'lunar based theme' :).
> Please comment.
> Text colors etc. are included (see below).  [Ralph: I modified these.]
> The timer should probably be moved...
> The "Dirty Bird" isn't there yet; it will be when we get the DB
> graphics... Chuck?
> For some reason, Lilo ( requires the color indices in
> bmp-colors to be in the range [0;15] ; there seems to be no reason for
> this. I've modified the source to allow for [0;255], and notified Lilo's
> maintainer of the problem.
> /Erik
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