Problems, Problems!

Terry Chan tpchan at
Thu Aug 14 11:56:46 GMT 2003

>From the lunar web page, left side of the screen, under "Documentation",
then "Post Install"

read the note:

  It should also be noted that you MUST "lin xfree86", BEFORE you try to "lin"
  any other module that requires X-Windows. For some reason this is not obvious
  to quite a few Lunar users.

This same man page is also included as part of the ISO install.

See "man lfirsttime".

Terry Chan
> Well, truth be know, Terry, unless its tucked away in a very obscure spot,
> neither the install documentation nor the webpage mention this requirement
> at all as far as I can tell. And, of course, if it weren't for common sense,
> one wouldn't feel it necessary to review anything more than the last several
> months of a mail archive when confronted with a problem of this kind, eh? No
> one has raised the question of your adding dependencies to the many GUI apps
> in the moonbase. A simple, easy to find directive would be enough.
> John Lowell

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