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John Lowell wrote:
| Hi Niki!
| Glad I asked! I appreciate the correction.
| Basically, then, there's nothing different being done at the command line
| that would be done via the lunar menu, eh?. The module itself won't be
| treated and differently. Jeff Hodges has mentioned that the fluxbox module
| had been changed recently so I took "success" as some kind of option or
| parameter that would somehow turn my fortunes around. Since that's not the
| case, I'd wonder what kind of chance I'd have getting it on short of some
| kind of fix. I tried and failed with it a number of times last night. I'm
| putting Lunar Linux on a network. I'll run lin fluxbox on the second
| machine, copy off the log and send it in. But I'd like to get the
first one
| up and running ASAP, so I'll go with Blackbox on that one for the time
| being.
| Again, thanks for the correction.

~     We have a tool which is designed for this kind of reporting. If you
try to install fluxbox again and it fails please report it here:

http://bugs.lunar-linux.org (registration required)

At the bottom of your bug report there is a place to attach your compile
log which is quite useful to the dev's in dealing with the problem.

Welcome to lunar!

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