configuration error in alsa-driver module fixed

r0dzilla r0dzilla at
Tue Aug 12 00:33:26 GMT 2003

With alot of help and guidance from Lurch_, I stumbled upon a problem 
with the alsa-driver /etc/modules.d/alsa configuration file.

I was getting the following output when ALSA loaded:
Starting sound driver: snd-via82xx Warning: ignoring snd_device_gid=29, 
no such parameter in this module
Warning: ignoring snd_device_mode=0660, no such parameter in this module
Warning: ignoring snd_cards_limit=1, no such parameter in this module
Module snd loaded, with warnings
Module snd-seq-device loaded, with warnings
Module snd-rawmidi loaded, with warnings
Module snd-mpu401-uart loaded, with warnings
Module snd-ac97-codec loaded, with warnings
Module snd-timer loaded, with warnings
Module snd-pcm loaded, with warnings
Module snd-via82xx loaded, with warnings

If you're seeing simular errors:

1. su to root

2. load /etc/modules.d/alsa into your favorite editor.

3.  Find the line containing the following: (was the first line for me)
options snd snd_device_gid=29 snd_device_mode=0660 snd_cards_limit=1

4.  Change line to read:
options snd device_mode=0660 cards_limit=1

5.  Save the file

5.  Type 'depmod -a' (without quotes) and press Enter

This has been corrected in the moonbase, but it will not replace 
existing config files (and we wouldn't want to force a new config file 
on everyone)

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