Jan cmak_ at t-online.de
Sun Aug 3 03:32:51 GMT 2003

Hi all,
theres a conflict with these modules and my knowledge about the moonbase 
aint good enough to just send a fix....so heres an explaination of the 
there are two modules wxGTK and wxPython...
wxGTK is just wxGTK...
wxPython is wxGTK+wxPython.

theres no CONFLICT file for each of them. this is a problem! for example 
audacity depends on wxGTK but it works with the wxPython module too, 
since wxPython includes wxGTK.

so when you install wxPython you also have wxGTK installed and audacity 
got all it needs...no wxGTK module needed.
can anyone fix this please?

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