/var/state/lunar/packages blown out in update

Simon Brenner simon.brenner at home.se
Fri Aug 1 12:05:42 GMT 2003

I did what you suggested first, lsh and fix_depends, but it didn't seem 
to do anything, so I looked around in /var/lib/lunar/functions/* and 
found some interesting functions in recovery.lunar (namely 

I took another go at lsh, this time running rebuild_status_files. There 
seemed to be some problem with the locking (after processing one module, 
the recovery script seemed stuck in an endless loop, waiting for the 
lock to clear), so I read through the source code and figured out that 
the function doing the locking was add_module. I replaced the call to 
add_module with an echo statement writing the module line into packages.

Worked, but slightly ugly.. And thanks for the quick response, Chuck!

// Simon

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